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After Service:


Quality policy: Abides by the contract, the absolute sincerity service, the quality improves quality, the customer is satisfied.

Quality goal: The product 100% satisfies the customer request, the service creates in advance first-class.

Quality pledge: The customer supreme is our objective,the quality continually improvement is our pursue, guarantees the company the product and the service lets the customers all satisfy.

    a. product sells, must collect customer's feedback information, processes the customer to sue properly, obtains customer's continually satisfaction, carries out "Customer Satisfaction Survey control" related stipulation.

    b. The year will all formulate the customer to visit the plan, provides "Customer Satisfaction Examination table" every year many in one time, solicits to the customer to our company product quality and the grade of service opinion and the suggestion, will collect the information will carry on the reorganization, the analysis and the preservation, and the processing opinion prompt feedback will give the customer and the related department.

    c. The flammable explosive corrosion and virulent and so on involves the security aspect the product, can to the customer introduction safety handling knowledge, and provides the consultation, when the necessity be supposed to carry on the correlation knowledge to the customer training.


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